Is it any wonder why Denver is consistently ranked in the top 20 places to live by US News. This is an audience with disposable income and a joy for outdoor hobbies. Mile High Outdoor’s billboard advertising inventory will consistently place your business and marketing in front of this demographic.




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Outdoor Advertising in Denver, CO

Mile High Outdoor offers some of the most comprehensive outdoor advertising coverage in the market. There are few cities that have the same combination of demand and popularity along with ideal outdoor advertising coverage and high profile billboards. The residents of Denver are constantly on the move with endless outdoor activities throughout all four seasons, making billboards the perfect medium for your marketing goals. Mile High Outdoor can provide it all.

From central Denver and downtown coverage, to the hard to reach suburbs or front range mountains, we have the ability to bring your message into the spotlight on the heaviest travelled transit ways with everything from major streets to to freeways. Let the experts at Mile High Outdoor guide you with your outdoor advertising needs and design the strongest campaign for your brand or business.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Denver, CO?

Mile High Outdoor’s Inventory and Location Advantage

Not only can our outdoor media inventory deliver your message throughout the Denver metro area, but we have the exclusive ability to target suburban areas such as the southeastern and northwestern suburbs. Mile High Outdoor is proud to offer the four largest billboard signs in the state along the I-70 corridor at a size of 20’x60’, really making that marketing message larger than life. Finally, we are the digital billboard advertising leader in the Denver metro area with 11 locations ranging in size from 10’x30’ to 14’x48’.


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Mile High Outdoor is able to leverage our full service team with our can’t miss outdoor media inventory of 385 faces across Colorado.