Junior Posters

Jr Posters offer one of the most cost effective ways to saturate the Denver Metro area with your branding or call to action messaging. This type of Jr Billboard delivers power to your campaign through a quantity of locations positioned strategically throughout the market. At an extremely low cost per thousand (CPM), Junior Poster Billboards allow advertisers to supplement and support their other marketing efforts without the need for large additional budgets.


of shoppers notice outdoor ads on their way to retail stores


of consumers say outdoor ads impact their in-store purchase decisions


of outdoor ad viewers find the ads useful

Our Junior Poster Formats

This medium helps reach and frequency skyrocket, and is known for being the “workhorse” behind your advertising campaign.

Jr Posters add a massive lift to the analytics of your outdoor advertising campaign. These 6’x12’ billboards are typically purchased in quantities of 10-50 or more, and sold in 4-week increments that mirror the timing of your other marketing efforts. Because of the sheer volume of locations on the street running simultaneously, reach and frequency rise quickly, and cost per thousand drops. Junior Poster Billboards can be skewed to target the general population, as well as very specific demographics or ethnicities. If large quantities of these junior billboards are not needed, advertisers can also cherry pick specific locations for directional needs to help pull customers to a specific business location.

Why Junior Poster?

The Workhorse of Outdoor Ads

Denver is a market with an infrastructure that lends itself to surface street communing with a large portion of the population. This is due to the small number of interstates available, and how neighborhoods are organized around the central area of Denver.

Many times, it is more advantageous and efficient to travel on surface streets for your commuting needs. This is exactly where you will find Mile High Outdoor’s Jr Poster inventory. They are located in areas that range from heavy retail and restaurant corridors, to industrial areas, and even into certain neighborhoods. These Junior billboards do such an excellent job of targeting the local commuter and pedestrians on a daily basis. Advertisers can pinpoint their desired demographic, and then create a strategic placement plan with Junior Billboards to reach that target audience.

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Mile High Jr Poster Features

By the Numbers

Over three-quarters of US adults recently used their smartphone to engage with an outdoor ad, and 43% of the actions were online purchases. Outdoor advertising drives online activation more efficiently than TV, display and video, radio, and print.

Mile High Outdoor’s Inventory and Location Advantage

Denver delivers an audience that loves to be outdoors and explore their city and state. Downtown offers endless choices of restaurants, bars, and a bustling nightlife. Most of our mountain resorts are under two hours away, allowing local residents to “staycation” frequently without much hassle.

Outdoor advertising is the only medium available to target this demographic on a consistent basis while working or at play. The city’s growth has been tremendous and now ranks #16 on the DMA list. Other key statistics of Denver include:


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