Billboard Signs, commonly referred to as bulletins, are the advertising medium of choice when it comes to delivering impact to your marketing message. Their larger than life size (10’x30’, 14’x48’, 20’x60’) combined with strategic placement on some of Colorado’s most travelled arteries, catapults your brand and message into the forefront of consumer exposure.


of people say they remember the billboard signs they see


of people say they talk about funny billboards to others


of people say they visited a restaurant they learned about from a billboard

Billboard Advertising

Our outdoor billboard advertising campaigns can be customized to rotate throughout the market or permanently stay in one location. Your campaign will be exposed to high traffic transit areas on surface streets as well as highways and interstates. Mile High Outdoor will strategically plan how to best reach your target demographic and help with your design and creative needs. This type of outdoor billboard advertising also lends itself to excellent creative flexibility through extensions, as well as the ability to mount 3D embellishments. 

Why Use Billboard Advertising?

Billboard Signage

Mile High Outdoor offers some of the most comprehensive coverage in the market. We can deliver your message throughout Colorado, including the Denver metro area, and suburban areas such as the southeastern and northwestern suburbs. Explore our markets here.

Our highly experienced staff will guide and design your ideal outdoor advertising campaign strategy. Our billboard advertising company’s staff combines over 100 years of industry experience, and also lives, works, and plays, in the same areas you are looking to advertise. This tenure is simply second to none.

I’ve already received one new student from the new billboard. I’m SO thrilled to FINALLY have exposure after being in business for 15 years. If you are a small business, who is struggling with poor exposure, I highly recommend advertising with Mile High Outdoor Advertising. Great exposure, great price, and great customer service. 

Michelle, Bella Yoga Inc.

Mile High Bulletin Coverage

By the Numbers

Studies from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America also recently reported


of US adults noticed an outdoor ad in the last month


of viewers find outdoor ads useful


of viewers engaged with an outdoor ad in the past 60 days

Mile High Outdoor’s Inventory and Location Advantage

Denver delivers an audience that loves to be outdoors and explore their city and state. Downtown offers endless choices of restaurants, bars, and a bustling nightlife. Most of our mountain resorts are under two hours away, allowing local residents to “staycation” frequently without much hassle.

Outdoor advertising is the only medium available to target this demographic on a consistent basis while working or at play. The city’s growth has been tremendous and now ranks #16 on the DMA list. Other key statistics of Denver include:


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