Digital Bulletins

Digital out of home ads deliver flexibility, speed, and attribution for brands through creative engagement with consumers in real time.


Aided Ad Recall – Overwhelmingly, consumers remember what they see in digital out of home ads.


Notice Digital Billboards – More than three out of five consumers noticed a digital billboard in the past month. Source NIELSEN, 2020


More Relevant Than TV – Consumers rate OOH as more relevant than television ads.

Our Digital Bulletin Formats

Deliver the advertising message electronically through a high resolution screen. This content is loaded and monitored remotely 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While the majority of LED electronic billboards show static images that rotate on a loop, there are areas in downtown Denver that also allow for full motion in the Theater District.

Why Go Digital?

Digital & LED

Digital Billboards offer the ability to change copy almost instantaneously and react to real time events, needs, times of day (day parting), and more. It is real time consumer engagement without any production or installation costs.

These electronic LED billboards can also be purchased in a network package, providing coverage throughout the state while maintaining this instantaneous creative flexibility with messaging.

Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Mile High Outdoor Advertising. I have a very small business in Henderson, Colorado since 2009.  I have been struggling for YEARS due to poor exposure. I finally decided to reach out to Mile High. Within the first four weeks of my billboard being up, I received my first new student at Bella Yoga. After the billboard came down, I continued to get two more new students. When I asked them where they found me, they said the billboard on 112th and Highway 85.

Michelle, Bella Yoga Inc.

Mile High Digital Features

By the Numbers

A Nielsen study also recently reported


say digital advertisements capture their attention


think digital displays create an image of quality


take some action based on seeing electronic billboards

Mile High Outdoor’s Inventory and Location Advantage

Denver delivers an audience that loves to be outdoors and explore their city and state. Downtown offers endless choices of restaurants, bars, and a bustling nightlife. Most of our mountain resorts are under two hours away, allowing local residents to “staycation” frequently without much hassle.

Outdoor advertising is the only medium available to target this demographic on a consistent basis while working or at play. The city’s growth has been tremendous and now ranks #16 on the DMA list. Other key statistics of Denver include:


Digital Bulletins


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